Patient & Family Hospice Testimonials

Testimonials are a way for family members and patients to share their VITAS experience with others who may be considering hospice care for a loved one.

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How was your experience with VITAS?



I brought my dad home on hospice. VITAS had all the equipment delivered I needed within 24 hours. They helped me schedule a vehicle to pick him up. The nurses were caring and supportive. I believe the team was 923. The night he passed I had LVN Mabel with us. In the morning they contacted the mortuary. They gave me the tools I needed to care for Dad. All the nurses were caring and patient. Thank you for helping me.

Dana A.
Inland Empire, CA


在我太太生命垂危之際,VITAS來家中照顧她。對於這些來家中貼心照顧她的人,我的感謝之情無法言喻。 The delivery of the medical equipment was prompt, all the nurses took care to make sure she was comfortable, and her aide Pearl was especially caring and pleasant with my wife during her daily visits. It really did make our family's situation more bearable.

David A.



I wasn't sure what to expect when we brought my mom home for hospice, but everyone at VITAS was wonderful. They helped my husband and me throughout the process. I have never met a more caring group of people. Because of VITAS and their wonderful caregivers, we were able to honor my mom's wish to pass away at home. Thank you for making my mom's last days comfortable and peaceful.

Katie C.
Miami, Dade, and Monroe Counties, Florida


The team who cared for my mother over the past few years have been unbelievably loving and caring, but never so much as they were when she passed recently. I was so impressed that they came and sat with us, called the funeral home, filled out police reports, etc., and stayed with her until she was no longer in their care.  Words cannot describe how much I appreciate her team. Thank you just doesn't cover it!  But I want to express how much it meant to me and my family. Especially Mary, her nurse, who has been such a blessing and support. Bless you all!

Rhonda R.


VITAS cared for my mom and she enjoyed with the nurses Sharon-RN, Patricia-LN, and specially with aide Ana. Their kindness, love, concern and incredible support made my mom and our family happy. They worked with us as a family, listen to us and shared our feelings during the difficult situations of my mom's life. They demonstrated very strong professionalism on their service. I cannot express how thankful we are and thanks VITAS. 

Dona L.


The consistently compassionate & thorough care given to my husband by VITAS workers was truly a continuing blessing. They were always cheerful & willing to help regardless of my husband's circumstances or disposition. I felt confident giving him over to their care which was a tremendous relief to me. Thank you over & over.

Linda H.


I'm very late adding this because I never thought to leave a comment. My husband passed away in 2011, but I'll never forget how wonderful VITAS treated us. They helped me keep all his many medications in order. And every person that came really cared about my husband, and even me. I'm not sure if this is still the routine, but as he got closer to death, they were even at our home all night. It would have been really hard by myself since my husband passed away around 3 am. They took care of everything. It was such a blessing during a terrible time. God bless everyone who worked with my husband and me. Excellent service. Highly recommended.

Kathleen C.



Thank you so much for giving my mom the loving care and the environment for a peaceful passing. I could not have asked for a more perfect place for my mom final days.

Martha Y.


I'd like to express my deepest and infinite gratitude for the invaluable help and support that gave my family and my mother, during his Illness. May God multiply in blessings of light to each and every one of those who work in such an extraordinary organization! 非常感謝!

Carolina P.
Miami, Dade, and Monroe Counties, Florida


I was living in Justin, Texas when I was blessed by VITAS.  My husband was very ill with cancer. They were so kind and caring. Ms. Gail was his nurse. I have wanted to tell you all how much it meant to me to be able to keep him home with us and know he was getting the best care possible.  [My husband] was very tough and had been battling cancer for many years. We lost that battle on August 29, 2018.  Thank you Ms. Gail and also others that were there for us. 

Judith W.
Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas


This was our first experience with hospice and VITAS made it memorable.  Everyone at the facility in University Hospital in Tamarac, FL, was caring, helpful, pleasant and professional with patients and
family.  The rooms and surrounding area were clean and inviting. We will not forget their kindness while my husband was there. Thank you all!

Carol P.
Broward County, Florida


We turned to VITAS during the last days of my husband's illness as we were looking for any help to alleviate his pain.  The VITAS team was absolutely amazing under the leadership of Szilvia Nagy and Greta Joseph. My husband received round the clock care of the highest quality. The VITAS team was available to us 24/7 and helped us through a very difficult time in our lives. As a result, my husband's last days were as good as they could have been and his family was able to spend as much quality time with his as possible.

Margit B.
Broward County, Florida


They had just opened the Rockledge VITAS (4 days freshly open) when my Nana was moved there from the hospital. Her prognosis was 2 weeks and they made her last week so amazing! The nurses who were there for her and for us were truly amazing people! The support offered there was incredible, especially grief therapy opportunities. I made a canvas board there with my Nana and my hands making a butterfly.

Danielle C.
Brevard County, Florida


Jeanie was our evening nurse called to the care home to assess [the patient]. It was determined that we needed to get his daughter here ASAP, as she was out of state at the time. Jeanie quickly research flights and carriers to see what we could do on short notice and she found the perfect solution to get [the patient's] daughter to the care home in the early morning hours of Tuesday, 4/2/19.
All of us were with [the patient] when he took his last breath 6 hours later. Jeanie was our "Angel" that we needed to accommodate our urgent crisis. We are forever grateful!

Phyllis H.
East Bay, California

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