How We Help Hospitals and Health Systems Succeed

VITAS understands hospitals’ and health systems’ objectives within the value-based healthcare environment: to provide high-quality, cost-effective care that meets and improves ever-changing industry metrics and patient satisfaction scores.

Aided by VITAS’ hospice expertise along the continuum of care, hospitals and health systems can effectively reduce per-beneficiary spending, mitigate risks and achieve optimal, patient-centered outcomes.

A VITAS partnership directly addresses hospital and health system challenges of high-need/high-cost (HNHC) patients. When seriously ill patients or patients with complex needs no longer respond to curative treatments or restorative care, VITAS transitions them seamlessly to hospice in the most appropriate secondary site of care, including hospice care at home.

We provide palliative care options in lieu of aggressive treatments, supported by hospice’s interdisciplinary focus on symptom management, pain relief and enhanced quality of life.

Succeeding in an Ever-Changing Value-Based Care Landscape


Hospice care breaks the cycle of unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions.

Leverage the Benefits of Discharging Hospice-Eligible Patients to VITAS

A VITAS partnership helps your hospital or health system:

  • Manage DRG costs and payment challenges via seamless care transitions that reduce overall costs for patients with advanced illness
  • Provide immediate, multi-level care to hospice-eligible, HNHC patients: Traditional interdisciplinary hospice care that is supported by respiratory therapy, PT/OT/Speech therapy, music therapy, dietary support, nutritional counseling and other services, when necessary
  • Reduce readmissions, in-house mortality rates and use of intensive services
  • Decrease length-of-stay (LOS) to reduce boarding challenges and improve emergency department (ED) throughput
  • Form a seamless bridge between the hospital and appropriate, secondary sites of care
  • 支持醫院的基於價值的療護措施及品質指標
  • Enhance patient experience with a team of hospice specialists who provide clinical, emotional and spiritual care, pain management, home medical equipment, an open formulary and 24/7 Telecare support.
  • Support seamless interoperability between VITAS and hospital referral systems

Leverage VITAS’ Expertise in Care Coordination


  • 將末期疾病病人過渡到適當的第二照護場所
  • An average of five-plus visits per patient per week by our interdisciplinary care team
  • VITAS人員24小時待命,可24/7/365全天候派遣臨床醫事人員至病床邊服務
  • Shifts of continuous care at the bedside, when medically necessary, until symptoms are under control
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