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Average Rating: 4.7

  • 08/15/18

    Having VITAS in our home while my husband was dying was one of the most wonderful experiences our family has ever had. The kindness and care of your staff was outstanding. The nurse told me that my husband was only going to live another 10 to 15 minutes and he knew I had a doctor's appointment which I cancelled. I was in a hospital bed as was my husband. I had severe back problems and at the time didn't realize I had broken my back. I cancelled my appointment, the nurse placed my bed next to my husbands and I held his had as he walked into Heaven. That was the most wonderful experience I have ever had and I want to thank the nurse and hospice for their wonderful care.

  • 04/09/18

    Thank you to everyone at VITAS. My 98 year old grandmother was hospitalized with aspiration pneumonia and doctors didn't think she would be stable enough to come home. Her only wish was to go home. Albert of VITAS quickly made arrangements that allowed us to take my grandma home. From the time we asked to take her home, to getting into the ambulance and leaving the hospital, it had only been 4 hours. My family will be forever grateful to him and your staff for working so quickly. We had 48 hours with grandma at home and we will cherish that time forever. Both my mother and I are nurses and were extremely impressed with your staff. I work on an oncology/inpatient hospice unit and can honestly say I would love to have Albert work alongside me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • 02/08/18

    My mom was on VITAS hospice care for approximately 4 months. At any hour of the day, VITAS was always available help with all of our questions. The last month before she passed away, there was a nurse or healthcare professional with my mom for 24 hrs a day, so she wouldn't die alone. Everyone truly seemed to care about her. What an amazing company!

  • 01/08/18

    After advocating for my mother Val for almost 6 years and feeling very alone with her care, we starting hospice care for her with VITAS. Our hospice care team was so caring and helpful in treating Mom with medications to help comfort her. Dr. Von, Sharon H. (nurse), Kori (Chaplain) and Laura were all so amazing in treating Mom with kindness, care and dignity. They also were making sure that our family and caregivers were doing well and had all the answers they needed. I am so grateful to this team for all they have done for my Mom and our whole family. Sadly, Mom passed away on Christmas Day, but through the holiday we were taken care of by VITAS. Throughout the last years of sadness, VITAS was a shining light for Mom and our family! The words "thank You" don't seem to be enough for how we feel!

  • 01/07/18

    My husband was under your care in 2009. I had just had knee surgery with complications and no family in the area. VITAS Healthcare was so wonderful to my husband and were angels to me. They came to my home in shifts and were so caring while keeping him completely pain free. I could not have gotten through this ordeal without them. VITAS is so special and unique and I will always recommend them. I cannot praise them enough and feel so lucky to have had hospice care from VITAS in our time of real need. 非常感謝你們。

  • 10/31/17

    I have never sent an email like this before but the outstanding service my family received from Southern California form July - Sept 2017 was absolutely incredible. There are no words that can describe how the VITAS team made my dying father feel so loved and cared for in his last few months of his life. I have already referred other clients to VITAS due to such excellent service by Nurse Marilyn, Grace and Anjana K. I hope you know what a impact your team made with the love and care for my dad.

  • 10/26/17

    VITAS came into our lives when we needed them most. I was my mom's full-time caregiver and was really feeling burnt out. VITAS came at the perfect time and helped with everything, from medication to bathing my mom, in-home doctor visits, and respite care. They made my mom's last three years so much better and made me a better caregiver. While my mom is now gone, I will always appreciate VITAS and all of the Covina office staff for what the care they provided for my family. I cannot say thank you enough.

  • 10/16/17

    Our experience with VITAS and specifically our nurse Marilyn was wonderful. We started with VITAS after a bad experience with another hospice care company. With the previous company, my father was not only treated with a lack of respect, his painful symptoms were disregarded. It was hard to make a switch, but we are so glad we did. I was present on Marilyn's first day and her last with my dad, and many in between. She was amazing in every respect. She took excellent care of him during every visit and gave him all the time he needed. We know he was in pain, but she did everything possible to minimize his suffering. What really made her stand out to our family was her genuine compassion and concern for my father (as my mother too). She always spoke directly to him, treated him as the intelligent adult that he was in his prime, and was so kind to him. He went from not wanting a nurse at all to asking when Marilyn would be there. She honored his dignity and his privacy which was so important to him. Marilyn also texted the whole family regularly to keep us in the loop. She followed through promptly for medicines, medical equipment, supplies, and other details. During a difficult time, Marilyn guided us and helped us prepare for my dad's passing. Everyone my family interacted with at VITAS was wonderful. We appreciate everyone at your company who helped us. You made my dad's last days happier and more comfortable than we ever anticipated.非常感謝你們。

  • 10/07/17

    Your staff helped us through the most tough time of our lives. You were like angels for my family. We appreciate how you still check in make sure we are okay. My heart can't thank you enough.

  • 08/25/17

    I have absolutely zero complaints about VITAS Healthcare! The support we got from VITAS of Orange County & Riverside County during this difficult process was outstanding! I can't say enough about this company and our experience with them! I would definitely recommend them. I can list the many employees who assisted us in so many ways, but I want to give a special thank you to Ruth of Orange County. I could not have asked for more from a single individual during such a difficult time! Thank you for all your help!

  • 08/14/17

    I want to express my gratitude to Stacy, a social worker out of the Lancaster office. My sister and I flew out unannounced to be with our father and say goodbye. Stacy encouraged our stepmother to allow us to be included. I was even able to express my concerns to Stacy about keeping the bedside conversations positive during Dad's final days. I felt that my concerns were heard and validated. I know that our family situation was complicated and that my father's illness and dementia add to the complication and put at risk that all of his wishes would be respected including having time with his daughters before passing on. Again, I am so grateful to Stacy for overseeing his care so that his last weeks were as comfortable as possible, encouraging everyone's participation in family time, and making it possible for my sister and I to receive a phone call to be informed of his passing.

  • 08/07/17

    You never imagine you are going to hear that your father needs to go on hospice. There are so many emotions involved. I am so thankful for VITAS. The minute Earl showed up at the hospital, I started to calm down. He was just so helpful. Then, RN Kathy L. showed up and made sure that my mom and I were okay and that we understood everything that was happening. She made sure all of my dad's meds were correct and she was so kind to him. Once at home, RN Jane S. came to fill in any gaps and answer any questions. She was such a loving lady. My dad loved her energy! The after-hours RN's that followed were also exceptional. A special thank you to Christine O., Don M., Minoo N., Patty L., Kim S. who came in the middle of the night and were so gentle with my dad and were able to get his symptoms controlled. His assigned RN Sakirah T. was so attentive and always a phone call away, along with Dr. Von who was so amazing and loving towards my father. Thank you to his aid Mariano L. for being so gentle with him and taking the time to teach my mom how to provide personal care for my father. Thank you to the social worker Thomas who was always making sure we had everything we needed and that my mom and I were okay. Thank you to Chaplain Kori and Al B. for all your spiritual support and prayers. Thank you to the LVNs that cared for him 24/7. Jennifer A. you are exceptional. Anna M. you are such a kind soul! Karen M. who was the LVN present when my father passed, bless you! My father was only on hospice for 2 weeks and we are so blessed that VITAS exists. Thank you to the team managers Karen and Wanda for always taking care of all our needs. Thank you to Gloria J. for always sending supplies over as soon as we called. Thank you to Terrence S. for offering support the day of his passing. And to Chaplain Al for coming in at the right moment after his passing and uniting family and friends in prayer. And thank you to the secretaries Lorena M., Rosa V., Ana C., Kristine C., and to Leslie F. for expediting the pickup of the medical equipment that we could not stand to look at for another second. You all made such a huge difference in my father's quality of life his last 2 weeks and I am forever thankful to you all. Keep doing what you are doing. You are all making a huge difference in people's lives! Thank you VITAS Healthcare for providing comfort and peace to the love of my life that is my father. God bless you all!

  • 07/06/17

    Thank you for the amazing care of my father. Barbara is a wonderful nurse with so much compassion & genuine care. We appreciate everything you do!

  • 06/10/17

    It's been a little over a year since my moms passing. I do not remember much of the year since then. I do recall the pain & anger, as I look back. Everyone (Narcissis, Sean, Linda, Benjamin, Peter, Jennifer, Ana, Emilie, Pattie, Roseanne, Deleena, Dolores, Shirley, Bill & Indah) was so kind & helpful as she was going through the process. My dad & I could not have done it alone. The literature provided regularly, explained to the tee, as we experienced emotions & what was to follow. I cannot THANK YOU, ALL enough!! Sorry it took so long for me to be able to thank you, all.

  • 05/29/17

    We couldn't be more grateful for all of the VITAS staff that took care of our mom during the final two weeks of her life. Betty, our case manager, and all the caregivers including June, Don, Candy, Angelo and Anna were all so compassionate and amazing at their jobs. Kevin, our chaplain and Sharon, our social worker, were also incredibly helpful. The Threshold Choir came to sing over our Mom and blessed our family. We would highly recommend VITAS to any family going through a difficult time with their loved one. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything!

  • 04/27/17

    All of you great people took care of my wife in her time of need and made things comfortable in her last hours here with us.

    I want to thank you from all of my heart and from all of my family and friends. You made things much more easy for me to see my love go in comfort.

    R.I.P. for my babe Rose G.

  • 01/01/17

    My mother in law was under VITAS care. We had 24/7 assistance with a nurse coming and staying every eight hours when Maria, my mother-in-law, had very unstable symptoms of her illness, until she was stabilized.

    There was always someone very patient and understanding when I called for meds or to get a nurse or social worker to pay us a needed visit. There was emotional support and guidance for us, as her caregivers, every step of the way until the end, and we are still offered emotional support.

    We had good experiences with the nurses, but there was one lady who spoke coldly to Maria about dying, or would talk about dying around Maria, and she didn't want to hear these things. This nurse was stiff and wouldn't listen to my concerns, so my husband called VITAS to report her attitude and asked not to have her sent to our home again. The agency apologized and that was the end of that.

    Rosario, the lady that came over to aid Maria with her personal hygiene, is strong and sweet, comforting for Maria.

    On the evening of her passing I requested a nurse to assist us. The nurse came after 30 minutes. My mother in law then passed in front of us in a peaceful way. We were in shock and pain but felt secure with the nurse's guidance.

    We have nothing but gratitude for all those wonderful heart-warming people that so kindly helped us through this difficult but inevitable process. A deeply felt thank you to all of you.

    Based on my experience I would recommend this program to others and for myself in due time.